Welcome to Wizard Hockey 


For the past several years, the Wizard Hockey Club has successfully trained thousands of players from mini-mites to NHL stars like Alex Tanguay. Many Junior players have seen their dreams of being drafted to the NHL come true after only a couple of summers of intense SMART TRAINING. If this is your dream, make it happen: come and Train Smart! We have developed and tested scientifically proven drills to increase players’ skill levels with intense SMART TRAINING.


For us, each player is an individual and we provide each player with individualized instruction in order to answer his morphological needs, strengths and limitations because each player is structurally and morphologically different. We show each one what happens with his body weight, center of gravity, edges, just to name a few of the elements that should be explained and shown. This is Smart TrainingTraining Smart makes work enjoyable and guarantees results. Training hard for long hours does not automatically mean that you are Training Smart.


Train Smart using adapted individualized intense drills!


Jabar Askerov
Wizard Hockey Club